Why Rent When You Can Own

Dated: 11/18/2014

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The age old question, "Why Rent When you can Own?" When you rent your home from a landlord, you are essentially making your landlords mortgage payment for them with your monthly rent payment. Yes, the landlord has made the initial investment to purchase the home, and pay for the upkeep and maintenance. Whats wrong with that? First nothing is wrong with getting a return on your dollar, so let's put that issue aside. With the exception of 2008-2010 homes increased in value and typically outpaced the stock market with that increase. For too many reasons to unpack here the market pulled back and home values declined. Starting in late 2012 the value of our homes have increased in value and are at pre-2003 levels now! Consequently when you rent and pay rent you are increasing the value of the landlords property they rent to you. By competitive nature and demand we are seeing rent prices increase to an all time high level. So back to the age old question... Why pay high rents to build equity in your landlords property when you can purchase a home and build up your own equity? There are many lending programs out there that will lend to you, let me guide you through that and put you in touch with lenders versed in these programs! 
Give me a call today to discuss your situation. They only thing I sell to people is myself and my service, as what you are buying is YOUR house, not mine! Call me today! 410-925-3836.

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